It is with heavy hearts that we share with you the sudden and unexpected passing of Dr. Richard M. Steele in the early hours of December 17, 2017.


This is a tremendous loss for his family, friends, patients, and our dental team. For those of us who knew Dr. Steele, we know that he saw no differences between the people in his life. If you were a patient or one of his employees, he treated you with the same care and respect as his own family or close friends.

Although he had only joined our office recently (May 2017), he became loved and respected by everyone in a very short time. His love of dentistry and lifelong learning clearly showed in his day to day interactions with patients and colleagues. For Dr. Steele, his hobby and his “work” were one and the same.


Dr. Stampfli and Dr. Helvie Franklin feel honored and privileged that Dr. Steele selected our office to join when he moved in May and that he generously chose us with whom to share his wealth of dental knowledge and experience.  He had only just begun teaching us more about bioesthetic dentistry, and we look forward to applying those concepts to our own practices.


To those patients who have been lucky enough to have Dr. Steele as their dentist, please rest assured that we will strive to maintain the standards of dental care that you are use to. We feel that the best way that we can honor Dr. Steele is to see to the uninterrupted care of his patients.



Dr. Steele's Bio

My Story It goes like this – my mother, whose father had a furniture store and whose husband had a furniture store, took me out of the cradle and whispered in my ear, “Don’t go into the furniture business!” It worked. She didn’t specifically recommend dentistry.

I graduated from the University of Utah in biology and was successful at Northwestern University Dental School. Following graduation I took an associate position with Dr. Dominique Bellomo in Lausanne, Switzerland, and that changed my life. Judy, a writer, and I were married there and we found our passions for travel and cooking and friends.


We moved to Boise after 2 ½ years in Switzerland. Judy worked as a columnist for the Idaho Statesman and I started my dental practice.


When I returned from Europe I began studies at the Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education and with Peter Dawson.  Michael Schuster at the Center for Professional Development directed me to Dr. Bob Lee and Dr. Charles Wold, the leaders of the Bioesthetic Dentistry movement. This group of scholars and practitioners are committed to changing dentistry by increasing the understanding of the biology of the chewing system.

I continue my study of biology, dental esthetics, food, travel, and gardening (a gift from my father). Judy has written two non-fiction books and a novel. I also love furniture.


Education: Northwestern University Dental School (honors); post-doctoral associate with Dr. Dominique Bellomo, Lausanne, Switzerland; Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Education; Center for Professional Development; Orognathic Bioesthetics International (OBI faculty).




Richard M. Steele, DDS

January 26, 1947–December 17, 2017